This announcement addresses the childcare to be provided by the school district for families of healthcare and emergency workers as described by Governor Walz. The district will provide childcare for school-aged children 12 and under enrolled in Little Falls Community Schools.

We will provide this childcare at Lindbergh Elementary School beginning tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. This is available to health care workers, nursing and assisted living employees, home care workers, PCAs, law enforcement, firefighters, ambulance and emergency personnel, corrections workers, first responders, EMTs, EMSs, state and public health agency workers, county case managers, and county staff in emergency management or health and human services.

We will need some proof from your employer validating you to qualify for the childcare. We respectfully ask that if you intend to use this service, you must contact the school district as soon as possible, and definitely before you would bring your child to Lindbergh Elementary School.

You can call Community Services @ 632-7936 or the District Office at 632-2002.