To Parents of Little Falls Community High School Students:

As we begin distance learning we are asking for parents to report their student’s attendance at the high school using the LFCHS attendance line at 320-616-2200. We understand that a high school student’s day will vary from student to student depending on the circumstances/responsibilities at home. High school students can work on lessons provided to them at any time during a given day. The distance learning school day is not defined from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Tracking attendance will also be different. Here is how you will report your student’s attendance.

  • If your student was engaged in their school work at any point during the day we will consider them ‘present’ in their learning and mark them in attendance.
  • If your child was not present in their learning – did not work on any part of their learning plan during the day then you should call the high school attendance line the following day and report them ‘absent’ in their learning. 

The checks and balances of this approach also involve your student responding/connecting with their advisor each and every day. Each advisor has set up daily communication with your child to check and connect on their learning. Please check in with your child to ensure they are communicating with their advisor. Students, parents, teachers, and support staff will all need to work together to ensure a positive and meaningful experience for every child. If you have any questions, please call the high school office at 320-616-2200.

With Flyer Pride!

Mr. Bjorge