As Governor Walz announced yesterday, Minnesota schools will begin providing distance learning plans to all students on Monday, March 30. For the past two weeks, our educational staff has been working tirelessly creating distance learning plans in preparation for distance learning. The staff has contacted every student at LFCHS to find out their capacity for e-learning and internet access. Ninty-six percent of high school students have indicated that they have internet access and prefer to receive their educational materials and learning plans electronically. This is our preferred delivery method at the high school. Students who do not have access will be getting a hard copy of instructional materials that will be delivered either by the school bus or will be available for pick up on Monday at door # 1 at the high school. These arrangements have been made for week one.

On Monday mornings, students will receive an email from all of their teachers sharing the learning plan for the week. The learning plan will include lessons, activities, resources, and assessments that students will need to complete for the week. Teaching staff will be available for questions and interactions throughout the day. In addition, each teacher has identified a direct contact time that they will be available to answer questions and interact digitally with students who may require immediate feedback on questions or activities. This information is included in each learning plan.

Your student’s advisor will play a key role in monitoring the success of your child. They will be contacting your child electronically each day to check-in. Communication will also include a weekly phone conversation to see how they are progressing in their learning. Advisors will be asking questions about academic successes, concerns, personal well being, and generally if there is anything they can do to help. Your student’s advisor will be the person you should contact if you have any concerns about distance learning.

Every student has a school G-mail account. It is imperative that your child checks and responds to their school email each day. In this distance learning environment, meaningful learning will be measured by a student’s individual determination. Please encourage your child to develop a daily routine to meet the goals in their weekly learning plan. Students, teachers, support staff, and parents will all need to work together to ensure a positive and meaningful experience for every child. If you have any questions, please call the high school office at 320-616-2200.

With Flyer Pride!
Mr. Bjorge