Little Falls Community High School Commencement Information

DEAR SENIORS and PARENTS of THE CLASS OF 2020: Congratulations! The class of 2020 is the 127th graduating class from L.F.C.H.S.! Your commencement on Sunday, May 24 @ 2:00 p.m. is going to be unique and we intend to make it special for this amazing senior class. Our graduation plan has met the approval of local law enforcement, Morrison County Public Health, and the City of Little Falls. It is imperative that everyone follows the social distance guidelines and directions included in this letter. Keeping the safety and well-being of our students and their families, as well as school staff, is our number one priority. The information listed below is shared to ensure that this event is a great experience for all. In order to make that happen, we need everyone’s cooperation. Please read the information carefully and follow the directions precisely. Seniors, this is your last appearance together as the Class of 2020, finish it with class! The information below will help make your commencement special for you, your classmates, and your family. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with you and wish you all the best! Enjoy your moment! You have earned it!

Time: Where and When!

The commencement ceremony for the class of 2020 is on Sunday, May 24, at 2:00 p.m. in the student parking lot at L.F.C.H.S. All seniors are required to notify the high school office if they intend to participate in graduation. It is your choice. Please notify Jill or Mary in the high school office by Tuesday, May 19 if you plan on participating in commencement. If you do not contact the high school you will be taken off the participation list and you will receive your diploma in the mail. All students will need to be in their assigned family parking spots by 1:50 p.m. Each student/family will be assigned two reserved spots, one behind the other, not side by side.

Arrival and Parking!

In an effort to alleviate congestion with the parking process, we will be parking in 10 minute shifts according to rows, similar to boarding a plane. For example, Row 1 will be allowed to park between 1:00 p.m. & 1:10 p.m. Row 2 will be allowed to park between 1:10 p.m. & 1:20 p.m. We will send out a parking schedule next week after we have collected all of the RSVP’s, so you will know what time you should arrive.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a LFCHS usher and local law enforcement who will direct you to your reserved parking spot. Each family will get directions to your two parking spots and a program. The program and directions will be on the schools webpage if you do not want a paper copy. Each parking spot will be identified by a letter and number. The parking lot is organized by 26 lanes (letters) and 12 rows (numbers). Each spot will be labeled within the range of A1 – Z12. A map will be provided showing the layout of the parking lot. It is important that graduates and family members remain in their vehicles upon arrival and during the duration of the commencement ceremony. The following guidelines are from MDE and the Minnesota Department of Health:

  1. Each household should be in a separate car; carpooling does not comply with social distancing.
  2. People with COVID-19 symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.) should not attend – no matter what.
  3. Attendees will remain in their individual vehicles. Only graduates are allowed to leave their vehicles to receive their diplomas.
  4. Individuals/guests may not walk to the ceremony or participate outside of vehicles.
  5. There will NOT be public or portable bathrooms available. Please plan accordingly.
  6. RVs, Motor homes, hay wagons, and unusually large vehicles are not allowed.

Proper Attire: Look Your Best!

Make sure you have your cap, gown, and tassel on Sunday. Honor students, Bridges Academy students, and students entering the military may wear your honor cord/braids. Please remember to hang up your gown to get the wrinkles out! Do NOT attempt to iron the gown! Caps are to be worn approximately two inches above the eyebrows, squarely on the head with the point in the front; the mortar board is flat when you are looking straight ahead. The tassel hangs to the right. Gowns will be closed and there is nothing extra on the cap or gown. If you want to look really sharp as a class, proper attire under your gown will include: black slacks or pants, a white dress shirt or blouse, dress shoes, and socks or stockings. Students, it is your choice if you wish to wear a mask; it will not be required.

Presentation of Diplomas!

Seniors will walk across a stage and receive their diplomas. Students will receive their diplomas alphabetically in 13 groups, 1 through 13. All graduates will remain in their vehicles until Mr. Bjorge instructs you to line up in your group. Students will gather (in their groups 6+ feet apart) on the sidewalk in front of the gymnasium walkway. The sidewalk will be clearly marked for students to stand as they prepare to approach the stage. A LFCHS staff member and student ambassador will line you up and lead you to the stage. Student groups will be finalized after all seniors have confirmed their intentions of participating. We will share the groupings as we get closer to graduation and the day of graduation.

Mr. Bjorge will present the Class of 2020 and instruct students to come forward when your name is called. Students will wait on the top step until your name is read, walk across the stage and take the diploma jacket from the table tray that Mr. Olson will prepare. Students will pause for a picture and return to their vehicle. Christina Johnson photography is taking pictures and they will be available on her website free of charge. After the first 26 students have returned to their vehicles (groups 1- 2), all 52 vehicles in rows 1 & 2 will exit to the left as instructed by Mr. Bjorge. Families will have the option of leaving the ceremony or reentering their lane in the back of the line. Vehicles will all move up two spots after every 26 graduates. Please do not move your vehicle until Mr. Bjorge instructs you to do so. This movement plan will require everyone’s cooperation (and a reliable vehicle) and provide every family a “front row seat” as their senior walks across the stage! As seniors leave the stage they will move their tassel from the right to the left side signifying them as graduates from Little Falls Community High School. After Thomas Zupko receives his diploma and returns to his vehicle, Mr. Bjorge will then present the graduated class of 2020…at that moment we would ask the audience to honk car horns and flash lights celebrating the class of 2020!

Fanfare and Recessional!

After graduation, all vehicles will exit the parking lot from either the East or West access. The ushers will help everyone leave in an orderly fashion. Regardless of how you feel about the state’s stay safe orders & guidelines…please, please, please do not tarnish the class of 2020 commencement ceremony by blatantly disregarding public health guidelines. We want the lasting memory of the class of 2020 to be….Awesome! Let me know if you have any questions.

Mr. Bjorge