Little Falls Community Schools Students, Families, and Community:

I want to provide our families and our communities with a brief update about the first twelve days of In-Person
Learning at Little Falls Community Schools and how the increasing number of positive COVID test results in
Morrison County might impact our school district over the next number of weeks.

The first dozen days of school have been so incredibly wonderful.  It’s evident that the children want to be in
school…and their willingness to understand the necessity to operate with some different rules and expectations
because of COVID has been evident and appreciated.  They have made the start to the school year very

Unfortunately, we are seeing a significant spike in COVID numbers in Morrison County in the month of
September.  We need to keep those numbers as low as possible so we are not forced to transition to either a
Hybrid or Distance Learning Plan from our current In-Person Learning Plan.  Please know that a transition to
another learning plan has not been decided upon at this point in time.  But obviously there is concern that we
might have to do so if the county numbers continue to be at the level they are now OR we begin to see specific
cases (students or staff) within our school buildings.  The next 5-10 days are vitally important…and we really
need to see a downward trend in cases in our county.

If the decision must be made in the future to transition to a Hybrid Learning plan, the initial transition would be
at the Middle School and High School for our students in grades 6-12.  At this time, there is no data that would
support moving to Hybrid for students in Preschool and Elementary.  As of now, if Hybrid were put into effect at
the Middle School and High School, students from Early Childhood through 5th grade would continue with In-
Person Learning.  For families that are already choosing Hybrid or Distance Learning, any transition to another
learning plan will not likely impact your children.

Prevention in and out of schools continues to be of monumental importance in the battle against COVID.
Wearing face coverings, practicing social distancing, and minimizing social gatherings will provide Little Falls
Community Schools the best chance to maintain In-Person Learning. We ask our families and our
communities to continue to help our children remain in school everyday.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by email at or by phone at (320) 632-2001. 
I wish you the very best,

Stephen Jones
Little Falls Community Schools