Important Announcement from Mr. Bjorge

You may be aware that this school year has started with a nationwide TikTok challenge. TikTok is a social media video app. The challenge for September was for students to vandalize school property, targeting bathrooms. LFCHS did have several incidents occur in the month of September and acts ended after they were addressed by staff and administration. Vandalizing school property is not Flyer Pride and students found responsible were disciplined and charged.

Apparently, the new TikTok challenge for the month of October is “smack or slap a staff member.” This morning our students were informed that any intentional physical contact with any staff member will result in serious consequences. If a student hits or slaps any member of the Little Falls High School staff, this act will be charged as assault AND students will face expulsion. Any student who would be videotaping this act would be considered an accomplice and could also face legal consequences and expulsion.

Parents/guardians, we ask that you please discuss this with your child to assure they understand the severity of this issue. Please remind your student to follow the four tenets of Flyer Pride: Respect, Responsibility, Positive Attitude, and Safety. We are certain those characteristics will serve them well.

Mr. Bjorge