Activities will resume Saturday, December 18 and school will resume Monday, December 20.

Below is a Press Release from the Morrison County Sheriff’s Department that was released Friday, December 17, 2021:

On December 16, 2021, the Royalton Police Department received information regarding potential threats involving Little Falls Schools, Pierz Schools and Royalton Schools. The Royalton Police Department, along with the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office, Little Falls Police Department and the Pierz Police Department have initiated an investigation regarding the potential threats.
This information was shared with local school districts and out of an abundance of caution, a decision was made to close schools in Morrison County on Friday, December 17, 2021.
This investigation remains ongoing, however, at this point law enforcement feels there is no ongoing threat to our students, schools or residents. Law enforcement takes these threats very seriously and continues to follow up on any new information that is reported.

Therefore, Little Falls Community Schools will be opening back up at 6:00 on Saturday morning, December 18. Unless we are provided information that leads us to respond differently, we will be back to normal operating status as of tomorrow morning. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our stakeholders but please know the district acted as we saw fit for the safety and security of our students, staff, families, and communities. Thank you for you support and understanding.

Stephen Jones