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COVID Updates

COVID-19 Protocol for Students

Positive Covid Test – How Long to Stay Home  

  • If a student tests positive for Covid-19, then that needs to be reported to the school nurse so more information can be given to the individual about when they can return to school and more information can be provided to the nurse in order to contact trace and report as required by the state.
  • Students may return to school once it has been 10 days from symptom onset and/or date of positive test as long as symptoms have improved and they are fever free for 24 hours without medications.
    • Onset of symptoms is day 0. Students are to isolate for 10 full days. On day 11, they can return to school and normal activities

Requirements for HOUSEHOLD CONTACTS of Confirmed COVID-19 

  • Fully vaccinated household close contacts do not need to quarantine following an exposure unless they develop symptoms. It is recommended that they get tested (do not need quarantine while waiting for test result if asymptomatic) and properly wear a mask while in school and in any public setting for 10 days. If symptoms develop, stay home and isolate. It is strongly recommended that vaccinated household contacts get tested for Covid-19 if they develop symptoms.
  • Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated household close contacts are required to stay home and quarantine for 10 days (beginning from the onset of the household contact’s symptoms). Household contacts may return to school (before the 10 days is up) if they test negative for Covid-19 and are symptom free. If any symptoms develop after receiving a negative test result, the individual must stay home and should retest.

Quarantine Recommendations for non-household Close Contacts

The following are recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) for all close contacts, regardless of vaccination status:

  • Get tested at least 5 days after close contact
  • Watch for symptoms for 10 days 
  • If symptoms develop, isolate and test immediately for Covid-19
  • This includes people who have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past three months

Students identified as a close contact to a confirmed case of Covid-19 do not need to quarantine following exposure UNLESS THEY LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD as the confirmed case (see household contacts requirements).

Testing Availability

No Covid-19 testing is conducted at school. The following are self-administered tests that can be sent home with students with parent permission. Please contact your school nurse for more information.

Vault testing (PCR) - sample is collected at home via Zoom and returned to school to be shipped to Vault lab on Tuesdays and Fridays. Results can take about 3-5 days.

BD Veritor (rapid antigen) - compatible smartphone is required to interpret test results. Results available within 15-20 minutes. Recommended for use by symptomatic individuals.