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New Patio Area

   With recent government funding, the CEC was able to purchase some outdoor furniture and a patio. This bright addition took an otherwise unused space on campus and turned it into a colorful, comfortable, and safe place for students to utilize as an outdoor learning space. The addition of a sidewalk connecting the two buildings was a surprise addition but a much-appreciated gift!

   COVID delayed the arrival of the new furniture into the winter and upon receiving the pallets, it was obvious that "some" assembly was going to be required. This assembly was going to be more than a one-person job. The tables would need to be assembled upside down and it was going to be much easier to do with more than two sets of hands.

   I knew right away who to turn to, our kids. In fact, when the furniture was delivered it was difficult to convince them it would be best to wait until it was warm to assemble everything outside. When that day FINALLY came, I offered to pay in donuts and good tunes on the radio and they simply said "what time?" 

   That's one of the many special things about our kids at the CEC. They take pride in their school. Most of the time you don't have to ask for help, because they're already there holding the door or grabbing the boxes. They have helped make this place what it is today, both as a property and as a family. They are what I am most proud of here at the CEC.