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Flyers Coaches show

The Little Falls Flyers have a long history of athletic success.  In that success are many great stories of triumph and overcoming adversity. Ultimately, these stories shaped young athletes to become the people that they are today.  


Flyer Activities is teaming up with Flyer Media Productions to record a series of programs that will help share insight into some of the many great stories and individuals that have helped to make the Flyers athletics a great tradition.  We would like to invite you to join us for the first recording of this limited series as we look back at Flyer Athletics with host Randy Tabatt and the following Flyer Coaches:

  • John Ahlin
  • Ben Benson
  • Dick Culshaw
  • Sherwin Goodrich
  • Ron Hinnenkamp
  • Rod Miller
  • Don Sorensen
  • John Wagner

The recording for this first episode will take place at Johnny C's on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, starting at 5 PM.  It will be a fun evening of reminiscing to stories about the many individuals and teams that have made Flyer athletics great!


We hope to see you there!