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Corey Fink broadcasts a game

Through the collaboration of Little Falls Community High School and the local radio station, an incredible high school sports broadcasting program has been created. Corey Fink struggled in finding the right career for him while it seemed his classmates knew their plan. As an avid sport and performing arts enthusiast and 2003 graduate of LFCHS, Fink landed a fitting job at the Little Falls Radio Station to share his knowledge of our sports program and rivalries with his home community. Throughout his 17 years at the radio, he has been able to share his broadcasting skills with students of all ages who participate in Flyer Media Productions and work with them through hands-on experience to create incredible broadcasts. The students who work to put on these broadcasts deserve immense recognition for their hard work and dedication to Flyer Media Productions.

Fink values living in the moment and so when asked what his favorite project was, he answered, “the one I was working on next.” Many, however, stood out to him throughout his years of working with the school including announcing at the Indoor Marching Band Concert, Flyer broadcast, volunteering at the Day of Caring, assisting in a few theatrical productions (including having to fill in as King at the Madrigal Dinner), announcing Grand March, and helping out with Grad Bash. Along with the actual projects he did, the behind-the-scenes were also some of his favorite moments such as bus rides to and from the games. 

Fink would like to thank the school, coaches, and activities department for the opportunities and for helping him provide positive coverage for the athletes at LFCHS. He feels confident that the generations to come will continue the tradition of excellence. A huge thank you is owed to Corey for the wonderful work he has done at the radio station and through Flyer Media Productions. Thank you for all you have done and best of luck to you, Corey!

Aliza Kresha
Student Intern