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Students walk to buses for the Day of Caring

On Wednesday, May, 3rd, the community of Little Falls celebrated the 12th annual Day of Caring. This day is dedicated to serving members in the community by cleaning up the exteriors of people’s homes; the jobs vary from house to house depending on what the homeowner asked for. Serving the community is incredibly rewarding for both the homeowners and the students involved. It is a way to create connections between different generations within Little Falls in such a simple way. The students get a break from schoolwork and get to spend the day outside while having the opportunity to bring light to someone else’s day. Tim Bjorge, the principal at LFCHS, explains, “The Day of Caring is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about the importance of community service and helping others in need. The event reinforces the life lessons that we begin teaching students at a young age which include kindness, sharing, and caring for others. The Day of Caring provides our students a community platform to put Flyer Pride on full display!” 

Students only do yard work until around noon and return to burgers and hotdogs for lunch with a variety of games and activities to participate in to finish the day! Some of these activities include chalk art, spike ball tournaments, a volleyball tournament, board/card games, an obstacle course, football, cornhole, karaoke, movies, open swim, and a two-mile run. The entire day is dedicated to enjoying the experience, while doing good for the small community we call home. It is a favorite day for many involved in it!

by Aliza Kresh

Teachers line up in 12 day of caring shirts