Kids Hideout

Summer school-age program


Kid’s Hideout is a non-profit school age summer program sponsored by Community Services.  It is committed to providing quality childcare and related services.

The program will run Monday, June 8th through Friday, August 21st, 2020.

Hours: 6:00am – 5:30pm

Ages: Finished Kindergarten through 6th grade this past year.


Deb Kurowski

Our Philosophy

Our school age program offers “hands on” activity based experiences for children within a warm and caring environment.  The program is designed with flexibility and creativity in order to respond to and complement each child’s individual needs.

This child centered program offers children opportunities for decision making, increased independence, and responsibility.  The goal of qualified staff is to provide a variety of stimulating activities daily.

If you expect Hideout staff to get your child to a Community Service activity they NEED to be at Hideout 30 minutes prior to the start of that activity!


Cost for a half day (5 hours) is $14.75, which is the minimum daily fee for each child. Additional time is rated at $2.95 an hour. For additional children from the same family there is reduced rate of $2.60 an hour. Children who stay 15 minutes past the hour will be charged a full hour. A registration fee of $20.00, which includes a t-shirt for field trips, must be paid for each child at the time of registration.

Late fees will apply if children are left at Hideout after 5:30pm. A fee of $5.00 will be assessed for every 15 min. you are late. This fee will be added to your weekly statement.

Charges for field trips, breakfast, milk, grilling lunch, picnic lunch, and pizza will added to your bill. Money for spending on field trips, candy cart, and outings to restaurants needs to be sent with the child the day of or prior to the activity.

Breakfast for those children who would like to use this option is available for $1.75/day. Breakfast is served from 8:00 – 8:30 a.m. daily and milk is also available at cost per carton.

Field Trips

Exciting field trips to various places of interest are planned throughout the summer.  Pre-registration is required and may include an additional charge.  Please watch for sign-up sheets because children who are not pre-registered may not be able to attend these trips unless space becomes available.  Children need to arrive for field trips at least 15 min. prior to departure time.

***If you sign up for a field-trip, you will be responsible for payment unless a 2 day cancellation notice is given.***

All children will go on all unpaid field trips.  If there is ever a time when you need to have your child stay back because you will be picking them up early, please let the staff know in the morning.  If we are not notified, ALL children will be sent.


Kids Hideout School Age Summer Child Care Program is a non-profit Community Services sponsored organization which is committed to providing SAFE, RELIABLE, QUALITY child care and related services.

Our warm and caring staff is TRAINED and EXPERIENCED in working with children and also educated in FIRST AID and CPR.  The quality of your child’s care is enhanced with frequent and open communication with your children’s caregivers.

Parents are invited to join their children at Kids Hideout and participate in outings at any time!