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Standards Based Grading

Standards Based Grading (SBG) is based around the fundamental concept that grades should have meaning. Standards-based refers to systems of instruction, assessment, and academic reporting that are based on students demonstrating understanding or mastery of knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress through their education. We believe that grades should:

  • Provide Meaningful Feedback
  • Document Progress
  • Help Determine Student Needs

We further believe that students should have multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning, with a focus of learning over time, rather than demonstrating learning at one snapshot in time.

Standards-based grading has been implemented into the elementary schools.

What Does Standards Based Grading Look LiKE?

Learning progress will be communicated as follows:

  • B – Beginning
  • IP – In Progress
  • M – Meets
  • DL – Deeper Learning

In addition, students and parents can see how students are doing by accessing Skyward and have information showing total points earned. Student learning progress is reported through listing the assignments and total points earned. For example, if an assignment is worth 10 points, it will show how many points a student earned out of 10.  A letter grade is intentionally not listed, but all assignments can be calculated into percentages. If a zero out of 10 is recorded, it is likely that the student did not turn that particular assignment in.

Progress Reports (Report Card)

At the end of each quarter at the Middle School, and at the end of each semester at the elementary level, teachers will use the assessments and assignments in Skyward to assess standards and produce Progress Reports that will be printed and mailed for each individual student. The progress report will have each content area broken down by the standards that were taught over the course of the quarter. Student learning will be recorded for each standard, communicating where the student is related to mastery of each standard. The following will be used:

  • B = Beginning - “Starting to learn the standard.”
  • IP = In Progress  - ”You almost got it.”
  • M = Meets - ”You got it.”
  • DL = Deeper Learning - ”You nailed it.”

The goal is to accurately communicate learning progress. Reporting for each standard in math class for example can communicate that a student has mastered multiplication, but is struggling with their understanding of fractions. Parents and students will now be able to receive feedback for each standard taught, and be able to see missing assignments and total points earned.

Along with this, you will see a second column labeled “Pacing”. You will see the following:

  • BP = Behind Pace
  • OP = On Pace
  • AP = Ahead of Pace

A student may be IP or In Progress on a particular standard, but AP or Ahead of Pace in their learning.