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American Indian Education

Districts, charter schools and tribal schools that report an American Indian student count of 20 or more to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) must submit to MDE an American Indian Plan. The Plan details district efforts to:  

  1. Support postsecondary preparation for pupils;  
  2. Support the academic achievement of American Indian students;  
  3. Make curriculum relevant to the needs, interests, and cultural heritage of American Indian pupils; 
  4. Provide positive reinforcement of the self-image of American Indian pupils;  
  5. Develop intercultural awareness among pupils, parents, and staff; and  
  6. Supplement (not supplant) state and federal educational and cocurricular programs.    

If your student or family identifies as North American Indian, please reach out to Kristina Mitberg (320) 616-6233 or, American Indian Education staff, to learn more about available programming and support.    

23-24 American Indian Education Plan and Aid Application

Bilingual Seal Program

The Bilingual Seal Program is offered in Ojibwe and Dakota.  Please let the AIE Coordinator if your student is interested in receiving their Bilingual Seal.

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Kristina Mitberg

Kristina Mitberg