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The Transportation Office coordinates busing and transportation to and from school for all students in the district. Please contact the district if you have questions about your child’s transportation.

School Bus Waiver Form

Many students who are eligible for busing do not need the district to provide transportation. We ask that you fill out the School Bus Waiver Form if you do not need transportation to and from school – this helps us plan better and saves on the cost of overall transportation. You may request busing at any time by contacting the transportation office and students can always ride the bus during emergencies.

School Bus Waiver Form

Alternative Address Form

If your child needs to be dropped off or picked up at a location other than their home address, such as a day care location or family members house, please use the Alternative Address Form to let us know. We allow up to two additional address besides the home address.

Alternative Address Form

Preschool Busing

Preschool students who ride on a regular school bus, must be 4 years old and have a bus buddy assigned before school starts. Please note, they will be riding with students of all ages, grades K-12. There will not be seatbelts or car seats for these littles.

Additional Busing Information

No students are allowed to change bus assignments to attend social events, parties or other non-emergency activities.  

Parental handwritten notes given to the bus driver are NOT acceptable. Only you as a parent may contact the Transportation Department for emergency situations or changes to busing needs. We encourage all parents to work with their children to prepare for riding the school bus. We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable riding experience.  As per MN Statute 123.7991, “Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right”.  Please feel free to call 320.632.2029 or email with any questions or concerns you may have.  Thank you!

Bus Companies

Little Falls Community Schools works with two bus companies to provide district-wide transportation. Here is their contact information if you need to contact the company directly:

Palmer Bus Service
(320) 632-1555

Strack’s Bus Service
(320) 749-2742


Michelle Carll

Michelle Carll

Transportation Director