Attendance Procedures

For Distance Learning
  • Students are expected to work on academics daily, following the school calendar.
  • If a student will not be working on academics on a scheduled school day due to illness, family trip/vacation, dentist appointment, etc. the parent/guardian is asked to call the appropriate school office.
  • District personnel will wait until the following day to record attendance for the previous day
  • Each student’s needs will be different. Try not to focus on “seat” time, instead focus on essential learning. Students will be given a “due date” for projects for accountability purposes, while allowing a student and parent to decide how to structure their time leading up to the due date. That way if a student is excited about a particular learning project, they could have the option to work all day on that project and work the next day on a different one.
  • We understand that family needs and resources are different. Some students may be working on their distance learning plans in the morning, others in the evening. This could be based on learning styles, or when supports are available. Use the flexibility to see what works best for your student.