Homeschool Resources

Information regarding homeschool rights are responsibilities


Current and potential homeschool families, please refer to the information found on the Minnesota Department of Education’s web pages regarding homeschool rights and responsibilities.


The University of MN offers resources to help homeschooling families meet their annual testing requirements. Please check out their site to learn more.



Christine Grams

Nonpublic School Liaison



Follow the links below by clicking on the report title; this will bring you to the MDE Homeschools page; a pdf of each form is located at the bottom of that page.

New Homeschool Students

This form is to be submitted to resident school superintendents by October 1 of the first school year in which the student is being homeschooled  or within 15 days of withdrawing a child from public school. Updated August 2019.

Initial / Full Report

Returning Homeschool Students

This form is to be submitted to the resident school superintendent by October 1 of each year after the instructor has provided the same district with a Full Report. Updated August 2019.

Letter of Intent to Continue to Provide Instruction

Nonpublic Expense Reimbursement

This form is required for those families wishing to access the nonpublic aid to reimburse for expenses related to instruction, such as textbooks and other instructional materials of a secular nature. For the 2021-22 school year, families are eligible to request up to $79.13 per full time student. This form must be completed and turned in to the district no later than October 1 to qualify for reimbursement. For further information about the form and process, call the district liaison.

Student Report for Aids to Nonpublic Students