Transcript Request

Requesting a Transcript

To have your official high school transcript sent to a college, a scholarship selection committee, a potential employer, etc., you must submit a letter to the Guidance Office Secretary requesting that your transcript be sent.

Your letter of request must include the following information:
Your full name (present name AND as it would appear on your high school transcript)
Your date of birth
Your year of graduation (if you have not graduated, please indicate that)
To whom you would like your transcript sent (include a full mailing address)
Your signature and the date of the request (we cannot release your transcript without your signature)

Please mail your request to the following address:

Guidance Office Secretary
Little Falls Community High School
1001 SE 5th Ave
Little Falls, MN 56345


You can fax or email your request to:

Lynette Miller
Guidance Office Secretary
Fax: (320) 616-2382 (during the school year)

Fax: (320) 616-2210 (during the summer)

Phone: (320) 616-2200  (or)

Transcript Request Form