2020-2021 Yearbook Information

2021-2022 Yearbook Ordering Information

Please remember the cost listed below is for the yearbook only.

If you wish to add your name, icons, etc. those are an additional price. If you want to make sure your child receives a yearbook, pre-ordering a yearbook is the only way to guarantee that. There will only be a few extras ordered for the school. Please PRE-ORDER your yearbook.

Order Your Yearbook Online

2021-2022 Yearbook Pricing

  • Aug. 1st – Oct. 1st – $55.00 plus tax
  • Oct. 2nd – Dec. 31st – $60.00 plus tax
  • Jan. 1st – Mar. 4th – $65.00 plus tax


Payment Plans

If you wish to get your yearbook for the $55.00 price, but you don’t have $55.00 now. You can either order online with Josten’s and have an online payment with Josten’s or you can set up a payment plan with Mrs. Nagel starting Sept. 7th. All you would need to do is fill out the order form, they will be in the main office starting Sept. 7th, and bring in $10.00 to start your payment plan. Then you make the payments as you can throughout the school year. The yearbook must be paid off prior to you receiving it.

Senior Pictures

Due Friday December 3, 2021

Please let your photographer know that pictures will be vertical in the yearbook, no horizontal pictures will be in the yearbook. You may have a black & white or colored photograph, the yearbook will be full color again this year.

If possible, Please have your photographer email your image to Mrs. Nagel.

Guidelines for Senior Pictures

  • No props
  • MUST following the Little Falls Community High School Dress & Grooming Policy.

Little Falls Community High School Dress & Grooming Policy –


LFCHS supports students’ rights to select clothing to wear as long as the clothing is not disruptive to the learning environment, unsafe, or inappropriate in its display of messages. The way you look and act is a reflection upon yourself, your family, and your community. In general, appearance and clothing should be modest, neat, clean, and appropriate. Students may not wear or use face paint, masks, or clothing that prevents the accurate identification of students. Clothing must be in compliance with ISD #482’s sexual harassment policy and drug, alcohol, and tobacco policy. Students wearing items that are not in compliance will need to change immediately or go home to change. Students with coats in school are required to store them in their lockers. Inappropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Headgear of any kind – this includes, but is not limited to hats, caps, hoods, bandanas, etc. Students must remove these at the door when entering the building (prior to 8:00 a.m.) and may not wear them until they have left the building. Headgear must remain in lockers until the end of the school day. Exceptions to this policy include observance of religious freedoms consistent with Federal Law.
  2. Full-length coats and spiked chains, spiked bracelets, spiked necklaces, and spiked accessories will not be allowed.
  3. It is expected that students will strive for modesty in their attire during the school day. Short shorts and short skirts, string-strapped tank tops (excluding dresses), tops that expose the midriff when students stand, halter tops, low neck lines exposing excessive cleavage, exposed undergarments, ripped clothing with cutouts, see through tops, muscle shirts, and sleeveless cutoff shirts are not considered appropriate for school and will not be allowed.
  4. Clothing bearing a message that is lewd, vulgar, obscene, or containing messages referring to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gang-related symbolism, nudity, violence, offensive language or pictures (sexual, racial, religiously offensive or profane) will not be allowed.

Now & Then Pictures

Due Friday January 21st, 2022

Now & Then pictures are fun candid photos that you have of your child alone or with others. We prefer pictures from toddler through middle school years. You can scan and email your picture to Mrs. Nagel at email below, or have your child bring in the photo to Mrs. Nagel. You WILL get your photo back. If you wish to recreate and take a NOW picture that is similar to the THEN picture – feel free to do that. It is sometimes hard for my staff to recreate some photographs. No Fee for this option.