Alternative Learning Days

Alternative Learning Days


On Alternative Learning Days students do not report to their school building, but have activities for each class to work on from home. This allows students a chance to dig into material on their own, utilizing technology where applicable, and experience learning outside of the classroom. Teachers are available electronically throughout the day to help with assignments and activities. This also allows the district the flexibility to continue learning during inclement weather. Each school building has a plan in place and will use materials available online and sent home with the student ahead of time to be ready in the event that the school building needs to be closed. One Alternative Learning Day is built into the school calendar and others can be added as needed during the year.


Check out your child’s classroom site for specific information on what activities are scheduled and how to contact your child’s teacher.

Physical Education

Please select 3 Flyer Jams to do during the day – there are over 40 to pick from!


Check out the Art website for updates on activities for Alternative Learning Days.