Business Office


The Little Falls Community Schools Business Office is primarily responsible for:

  •     compiling the district budget
  •     completion of the levy process
  •     assisting with an annual financial audit
  •     handling the transportation of students for the District
  •     handling the food service functions of the District
  •     monitoring the facilities and grounds upkeep of the District
  •     processing payables, receivables and payroll

Under direction of the School Board, the Business Office uses conservative assumptions, projections and budgeting practices to manage the District’s finances. The Business Office also oversees the expenditures related to the referendum approved by the District’s voters.

In accordance with state law, Little Falls Community Schools has an independent audit performed each year. The District contracts with BerganKDV, Ltd. to complete the audit.

In May or June, the School Board adopts a budget for the following fiscal year. The District’s fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th.

According to statute “the board must post the Budget Publication in a conspicuous place on the district’s official website”, including a link to the district’s school report card on the Department of Education’s website.

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