Nursing Services

Nursing Staff

Johanna Weber

District Nurse
High School
(320) 616-2208

Jennifer Wamre

Lindbergh Elementary
(320) 616-3220

Stephanie Hubner

Dr. S.G. Knight
(320) 616-5220

Amy Amelsberg

Middle School
(320) 616-4204

Debbie Hayes

Lincoln Elementary (320) 616-6220

Stacy Wiczek

Mary of Lourdes Schools
MOLMS: (320) 632-6742
MOLES: (320) 632-5408

Health Forms

*Only students in 6-12 grade can take over the counter medication at school with parental approval. Parents of elementary students need to have their physicians sign the prescription form with proper dosing for their younger child to take over the counter medication at school.