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Skyward Resources

Welcome: Skyward Resources Area

Skyward has been updated and moved:

Use the Sign in with Staff Google Account button at the bottom of the page.

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Attaching a Seating Chart to Room Layout (1:40 min video).

Entering Daily Attendance in Teacher Access

Family Access Toolkit for Teachers - Your relationship with parents can affect student outcomes more than almost any other factor. Here, learn how to use Family Access to drive a more collaborative learning environment.

Viewing your class list: Teacher Access - Gradebook - Gradesheet - All Classes

Requesting a Sub: We have been in contact with Skyward and are working on getting the direct link to AESOP up and running. In the meantime, when you enter an absence into Skyward, please remember to open AESOP manually and enter your time off request in there as well - AESOP

Skyward Access to Video's, Help Center and more...

  1. When you are signed into Skyward, in the top right corner of the screen, click on Knowledge Hub.
  2. Select My Hub Account from the drop-down menu
  3. Click New User? Create ID now - Change your Knowledge Hub ID to your username (first part of email address)
  4. Set Password (can be the same as your email password) SIGN UP
  5. You are now linked to your regular account and will not need to log in separately to KHub.

Skyward supplies a variety of tools designed to help you find answers to your Skyward questions.  The Help Center is written documentation for the Skyward Qmlativ system.

 These are both great resources along with Skyward Community

The Skyward Community was designed to stay up to date on the latest information regarding Skyward. It is a great place to connect with other people who use the same areas of the Skyward software that you use, to share ideas, ask questions and find solutions.

Discussions – A great place to ask those “Skyward questions” that are not necessarily for Skyward. Get feedback from other people who use Skyward just like you and provide your insight to help them.

Events – Attend a webinar to help you learn more about different aspects of your Skyward software.

Blogs – Get tips & tricks along with valuable information regarding the Qmlativ system. We have blogs that are specific to the Student system and Business system along with specific blogs for your state.

File Sharing – Need a report that isn’t part of the system already.  Check out the lists of reports that have been shared by other Community members.  Download report templates other users have created and share your own templates.

Connect – Find other members to connect with. You can search by state, enrollment, public/private school, and what areas of the software they work with.

You can access the Community from your Skyward Qmlativ software by clicking on Knowledge Hub in the top right of your Qmlativ screen and selecting the 'Community'.